• Welcome to my website!

      If you have seen my work before, thank you for revisiting. If this is your first visit please let me introduce myself.
      My name is Cara-lee Gevers, I am a young, vibrant freelance photographer from South Africa. My journey with photography started 8 years ago, and every day since has been an adventure. 

      Each photograph in my portfolio carries a story of the people that are depicted in the images. My hope is that you will find something meaningful in the stories I have created. 

      I have experience in many different areas across the various genres of commercial and artistic photography: from weddings to magazine shoots; from personal portfolios to album covers and campaigns. My mind is always open to new avenues and new ideas!

      I am an organised, dedicated and hardworking professional, and I deliver results for my clients. However, my work is more than a product and, if anything shines through on this site, I hope I can convey to you my absolute dedication to creating meaningful art. 

      Thank you for your visit!

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